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About Us


Hi, I'm Fern!

I've always had an eye for the beauty of creatively designed pieces of word art, and was determined that someday I would make those beautiful signs that you see in home decor stores. My husband, being the great supporter of my dreams that he is, gifted me a machine that finally made those dreams become a reality for me in the past year! I truly love designing, and seeing each piece come together is very rewarding! My husband, Dave, does all the wood cutting for each sign we make, and also makes the frames for them. He's also the one that did all the website building , and the details like the financial part of it. We love that we can do this hobby/business adventure TOGETHER! Our 3 year old son Jasper loves to go out to the shop with Daddy and help along in his own way!:) He brings us so much sunshine. Most of all, we are grateful to GOD for the gift of creativity, and it's such a joy to bring others more of God's Word into their homes through our Bible verse and inspirational quote signs.